Kamis, 05 Februari 2015

Serena Williams Won The Title

Serena Williams, who is seeded first, emerged as the champion of the Australian Open 2015 tennis player from the United States to subdue Maria Sharapova in the final party.

In the final round held at Rod Laver Arena on Saturday (31/01/2015) pm, Serena beat Sharapaova, the second seed, in one hour and 50 minutes in straight sets, 6-3 and 7-6 (7-5) .

Despite playing while in pain, Serena appeared strong since the beginning of the match. He was able to maintain the momentum and closed the first set 6-3 in 47 minutes.

The game has been held tough in the second set. During the 27 minutes, both players held serve equally. Score 3-3. In the seventh game, when Serena held serve, Sharapova was likely to lead to reach break point. Unfortunately, these opportunities fail to be utilized.

The game entered the tie-break after the score at 6-6. At this moment, both players alike make mistakes. However, a big serve Serena proved to be more potent and finally closed the second set 7-6 (7-5).

Tennis players who have plastic surgery (
Serena Williams Plastic Surgery) have won six Australian Open title. And this became the title of the sixth Australian Open Serena. Serena picked five previous titles in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2010.

Rabu, 04 Februari 2015

Plastic Surgery and Perfect Body

Official Website Korean-Drama (K-Drama) SBS, Birth of Beauty photo released Han Ye Seul perfect body.

"The proportion of Han Ye Seul gold body that makes you want to go on a diet." So caption photos uploaded on 4 November 2014 local time as quoted from allkpop. Besides having an ideal body, Han Ye Seul Plastic Surgery appearance Also has good effect for her performance.

Han Ye Seul show off radiant smile and healthy and ideal body. Women who are fluent in English also looks sexy even though he was exercising at the fitness center, sweating and use sports clothing.

Han Ye Seul this time role as a housewife who always serve the husband's family. In this drama, Han Ye Seul was originally described as a fat woman. When found her husband cheating, Han Ye Seul reportedly had an accident and died. However, in fact he still survived and underwent plastic surgery to avenge her husband's behavior.

Plastic Surgery, Botox Injection

This man had become an idol of millions of fans of rock and roll all over the world. Famous for her slender body muscular and often shirtless singing on stage.

It seems that it has expired, is evident from the last photo 49-year-old singer who performed with the band at the music festival Rock In Rio, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sunday (10/02/2011) night ago.

Nothing Gun N Roses frontman recognize that when he took the stage. In a vain attempt to cover his body are "wide", he wore a yellow coat, black hat and sunglasses, made it seem strange.
Apparently, Axl Rose has experienced significant weight gain in the last few months, in contrast to the slim appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2006. This is not the first time his weight into the spotlight in addition to rumors about Axl Rose Plastic Surgery.

Earlier, in January 2010, his excessive severity has shocked his fans. But the severity of growing during the last half year, making its appearance is now completely different.
Even rival rocker Scott Weiland taunting him as "fat Botox-faced wig wearer" (front wig wearer fat Botox. Botox cosmetic ingredients = similar to plastic surgery)

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery, the statement proves that Axl Rose had plastic surgery. Indeed Axl now looks very different, not like it used to. Axl actually do not need to perform plastic surgery. His charisma is very strong when on stage.

Minggu, 01 Februari 2015

Surprising Appearances of Lil Kim

Surprise appearances by Lil Kim demonstrated some time ago. In contrast to the figure as we know, Lil Kim's face looks very different this time. When appearing in West Hollywood, the singer's face looked much faster.

Additionally, Lil Kim who known with cheeks chubby also looks much thinner. Her eyes look different with musicians as we know it. This sparked allegations that Lil Kim has done a variety of plastic surgery on his face. Lil Kim plastic surgery is becoming a hot topic indeed.

On that occasion, she look sexy dress with opaque black and cream. He also confidently showing black bra she was wearing under the dress.

The name of this woman really had drowned in the world of entertainment. But some time ago he came back into the headlines because of her duet with Miley Cyrus.

Jumat, 30 Januari 2015

kim kardashian donations for orphans

This beautiful actress, Kim Kardashian are often preached to have plastic surgery on the face, chest, and other body parts have high social life (Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery). Kim Kardashian contributed a lot of toys to an orphanage in Thailand. Kim came with her mother Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall and Kylie Jenner and his son, the North West.

A source told E! News said, they spent several hours playing with children orphanage. They contribute a lot of toys and a soccer ball. So quoting Contactmusic, Tuesday (04/01/2014).

`The kids loved it, they may not know Kardashian and her family, but they were happy to get a gift,` light source.

Senin, 26 Januari 2015

Meg Ryan Gets Criticism

The film industry does tend to prefer the skinny figure. However, Meg Ryan interpret it redundant. At least that was the opinion of Sara Nathan from the Daily Mail when commenting on the photos paparazzi shots when Meg Ryan on vacation in Hawaii. '' So look thin and looks very pale, '' wrote Nathan.

Besides looks tired, Nathan calls the actress 48 years has lost his youth as a powerful aura radiating moment in the film When Harry Met Sally. Ryan on vacation with family and friends after his last movie, Serious Moonlight, sag in the US market and criticism since it was released early December.

The last film tells about the figure of a woman entrepreneur (played by Meg Ryan). She tried to defend her husband who tried to escape with a young receptionist.

New York Times called the film as '' comedy lowly ''. Meanwhile, '' bible '' Entertainment Weekly wrote the film industry: '' Meg Ryan looks to force myself to look attractive, too much shouting, and wise sayings excessive in bad romantic comedy. ''

Ryan looks lost her fame after 20 years of the film When Harry Met Sally burst and 16 years after the hit movie, Sleepless in Seattle. Reportedly, she has also performed plastic surgery and botox injections. However, in an interview some time ago, Ryan did not give a damn. '' Aged 40 years in the world of Hollywood has an impact. But, I feel it is not as the end, '' she said. '' My interest grew a lot and I feel much more creative, '' she added.

Yeah, Meg Ryan plastic surgery is a major factor that influence her career. Many of her fans surely regret her plastic surgery. They think Meg Ryan much worse than she used to be.

Megan Fox Beauty with Plastic Surgery

It is certain everyone will experience physical changes by the time passes, many factors which will affect the face and change one's appearance. However, the changes experienced by Hollywood actress is arguably very surprising! If seen, the changes they have experienced look unnatural and makes many people wonder. The issue of plastic surgery also reap question. Unfortunately, there is always the Hollywood actress dismissed media, even to seal the issue. Curious about the Hollywood star who changed the face of mysterious? What kind of changes they experienced? Did they do a plastic surgery?
Beautiful face Megan Fox must have been very familiar in the minds of movie lovers. One is a phenomenal film that starred Transformers sequel. This woman always look beautiful and attractive. But if you compare past and present performances, there will be significant changes were seen. Just look at the two images are displayed on top. Megan Fox plastic surgery seems a true fact. It was clear that he had a change of shape of the eye that makes it almost unrecognizable. But instead of confirming that she had plastic surgery, she insisted that it was only the effect of make-up. What do you think?